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PVSK Releases New Mobile App

The Pembina Valley Snowkickers are proud to announce the release of the new mobile app that will begin replacing the use of paper maps of their trail system. The new mobile map will be interactive and will track the user on the map live on the users Apple device. This will insure that even in the worst conditions the rider now has access to their location in comparison to towns, warm up shelters, fuel, food etc. The user will also be able to see what’s going on with the club. The biggest part of this app is the safety that it creates for the rider. Being able to follow yourself as you ride the trails should help with getting lost and finding cover if an accident or stormy weather occurs. With the help of Push Interactions and Enbridge we have created the first mobile snowmobile app in Manitoba. The user friendly app also allows PVSK to make trail changes and in the future send warnings as well as updates straight to every individual who has downloaded the app. This is certainly an asset for the club who can adjust trail without needing to reprint maps and have each rider acquire the new info with a simple update on their smart phone.

PVSK hopes to be able to release apps for other platforms before the end of the calendar year, but we will be able to play with this version for a few months and make adjustments and changes as necessary.

PVSK, Another Year in the books

Written by Don McLean

The first day of spring is here, I think, and the Pembina Valley Snowkickers have pulled their signs and put another year behind them. The 2013-2014 riding season was not without its challenges. Wind and frigid temperatures made for a long and not particularly pleasant riding experience this year.

Grooming operations went through what was likely there toughest season as well. Mother Nature not only made a very unpleasant riding experience but also created some very hard grooming conditions. It seemed every time we went out the wind blew right back in behind us. We were not without our share of breakdowns; our new tractor fought the cold weather just like we did. Operating in minus 30 and 40 degree temps most of the season. We certainly have to tip our hats to John and Bernie of Little Morden Service and their team for making numerous trips and phone calls to keep us moving.

Over the past several years PVSK has been covering a lot of ground with one machine. Operators worked shift work to complete grooming operations prior to the weekend. In November it was realized that this season would be different. We picked up more km’s taking over a portion of the Holland trail that goes from Holland into the Spruce Woods Provincial Park. The group knew that there was no way we could accomplish this with one machine. So the decision was made to purchase the Piston Bully from the Holland club. This purchase saved our winter covering our North Loop from Swan Lake to Notre Dame, Holland, The Park and back. Without this machine and its dedicated operators we would not have been able to complete grooming operations in a timely fashion.

The riding season may be over but that doesn’t mean the group of directors jobs are complete. As signs come up plans for next year’s season are already underway. We have some very exciting changes in the works for next season. With the funding help from Enbridge and the experienced team at College Mobile the Pembina Valley Snowkickers will be releasing the provinces first Snowmobile Trail App. This app was created with safety in mind. Riders will now have the group of volunteers who keep us rolling. Thanks very much for your hard work.

Snoman Economic Impact Report

Snoman Economic Impact Report
Snoman Economic Impact Report

PVSK has its First Winners of the Year

On December 3rd the Pembina Valley Snowkickers held their Annual General Meeting in Manitou. The meeting was well attended and there was lots of discussion. This year comes with lots of changes, some good, some not as good.

At the general meeting we pulled the first names for our Annual $25,000 Cash Lottery early bird. Ticket sales have been good so far and we appreciate the support as always. The first early bird was sold as a 3 pack which has been very popular since its beginning two years ago. The early bird prize of fifteen hundred dollars cash went to Armand Levreault, Jamie Levreault, and Shawn Van Damme of Glenora Manitoba. Thanks for all the support through ticket sales and membership purchases. Our next early birds will coincide with the Grand prize draw in April.

This year will be the first full season with our trail route numbers. These numbers act as highway numbers for snowmobilers and they are standard throughout Manitoba. Just like our local highways single digit numbers correspond to major east west routes. Two digit numbers correspond to secondary east west routes and three digit numbers correspond to north south connectors. This system although creating more work for our already overloaded volunteers will certainly simplify direction and course for snowmobilers. Trail scrubbing has already begun throughout our system. For safety purposes PVSK will be widening trails over the coming weeks. This job has been given to our in house beaver Greg Nadin. If anyone would like to volunteer some hours on the trail feel free to contact Greg, the help would be much appreciated.

This year PVSK has decided to embark on a new initiative. Snowmobiling in Manitoba is a recreational and tourism based business that can be fun for all people. It is a great opportunity to get out with family and friends and enjoy the outdoors while viewing the wonderful scenery of the Pembina Valley. This year PVSK will be giving back to the communities which we serve and begin by focusing on the youth in the area. PVSK serves communities from Morden to Glenora and from the US Border to Holland. PVSK started our community program by supporting the 4 sport community fundraiser in Manitou in October. With plans to continue our community support we will have more information in the weeks to come. Stay tuned.

If anyone has any questions or comments feel free to contact a local director or contact us via our website at Remember RIDE WITH PRIDE!!

General Meeting is December 3 at 8:00 PM at the Opera House Basement in Manitou

It's the middle of November and winter is creeping up on us. With that comes a new season of snowmobile riding and trail grooming. Even without snow the Pembina Valley Snowkickers have been hard at work preparing for the 2013-2014 season. With trail cleanup already underway we are certainly preparing ourselves for what should be a fantastic season. Last year PVSK groomed over 7200km of trails in the Pembina Valley winning 4 awards for their efforts. We certainly plan on expanding on these achievements and hope that Mother Nature will cooperate once again. Last season we already had our first major snowfall and grooming operations had begun in the upcoming weeks.

New this season to PVSK is a 7616 Massey Ferguson tractor on Soucy Tracks. The addition of this machine not only comes with upgraded lighting, improved operator station, but also includes a new Tier 4 SISU engine improving exhaust emissions as well as lowering our fuel costs. Also new this season is the purchase of a Snow Wing multi directional blade. This blade has improved capabilities to allow operators to place snow more efficiently thus improving trail conditions and trail longevity.

With another season brings the chance for individuals and groups to purchase our $25,000 Cash Lottery tickets which we will be selling again this season with early birds throughout the winter. PVSK will be working hard on some new promotional as well as community initiatives this winter which we hope will not only increase awareness of Snowmobiling in the Pembina Valley but will also begin to recapture our sense of community which has been lost of the past several years. Snowmobiling has economic impacts not only in the Pembina Valley but far reaching across Manitoba, Canada, and North America. This form of entertainment and tourism creates millions of dollars in economic spinoff in our province. The creation of first class trail systems such as the ones in the Pembina Valley help to leave some of that spinoff right here at home. The purchase of Lottery tickets as well as club memberships, and Snopasses are not only crucial to our survival but crucial to the fuel stations, restaurants, and many other businesses in the area. We would like to Thank our past supporters, riders, businesses, and certainly not to be forgotten our Landowners. Who together with PVSK make the Pembina Valley a great riding experience.

Pembina Valley Snowkickers Named Best in the West!

Pembina Valley Snowkickers Named Best in the West

While we are enjoying the last of the hot days of summer, it is with great pleasure that we received information that our local Pembina Valley Snowkickers Snowmobile Club has received several awards in the 15th Annual Rides Choice Awards in the Snowriders West publication. It really is only a matter of time before the Snowkickers will be digging out the groomer and once again be providing us with over 600 km of beautifully groomed trails!

SnoRiders West announced the winners in the 2013 Rider's Choice Awards—the favorite sledding picks of snowmobilers across Western Canada. Each year in a reader survey included in the SnoRiders magazine, they ask for nominations for everything from favorite overall sledding area to favorite groomed trail riding, favorite snowmobile dealer and even favorite restaurant.

The Snowkickers received awards as follows:

  • Bronze - FAVOURITE SCENIC SNOWMOBILING AREA IN MB - La Riviere/Pembina Valley Area
  • Silver - FAVOURITE MOUNTAIN RIDING AREA IN MB – Pembina Valley Area

The Snowkickers is a non-profit organization that grooms over 600 km of trails in this region every winter connecting the communities of Manitou, Darlingford, Thornhill, Morden, La Riviere, Pilot Mound, Crystal City, Clearwater, Glenora, Mariapolis, Swan Lake, Somerset, St. Leon, Altamont, Notre Dame, Rathwell, Bruxelles, and Holland. This volunteer based group has been in operation for over 26 years! That is quite the milestone! The group hires a driver for grooming the trails and does many fundraisers to keep the club in operation. They are also affiliated with the SnoMan organization and have many generous sponsors from the communities.

The executive of President Ken Henderson, Vice – President Don Mclean, 2nd Vice – Brent Checkley, Secretary Christine Andries and Treasurer Lisa Henderson work tirelessly alongside their volunteers to make the Great Pembina Valley trails worthy of these awards.

For more information on the awards the SnoRiders West magazine can be viewed online at Click on the link Riders Stories and scroll down to Riders Choice Awards .

More information on the local snowmobile club can be found on their website at Get involved, buy a snopass, make a donation, join the club! The economic impact of snowmobiling on our region is huge. These machines need gas, the riders need food and lodging. . . . a huge benefit to the communities to have such a wonderful trail system!

A Big Hats Off to this organization for receiving these awards! Their devotion to the sport of snowmobiling is incredible!


Well it has been a long season in the Pembina Valley for all winter recreational activities. Snowmobilers have most certainly had the best season in many, many years. The cost of riding as well as the cost of maintaining a viable and safe trail system has certainly not decreased in the past while. The Pembina Valley Snowkickers have had a banner year. As you may not be aware we groom and maintain nearly 600km on a weekly basis from Morden to Mariapolis and as far north as Holland. It is certainly not an easy task. Operating equipment and keeping up with changing conditions our broad group of directors and volunteers certainly have come together and pulled through. Whether it’s spending 70 hours a week sitting in a groomer, or going to meetings, putting up signs, we can’t begin to say thank you enough.

This year was to be our second season with our new 7480 Massey Ferguson on Soucy Tracks. But last year Mother Nature decided she didn’t want to see it go, so 2013 would be its inaugural season. It was most certainly a new experience with new challenges. The machine operated nearly flawlessly, yes we had our breakdowns and maybe there were times where we wondered why it just couldn’t give us a break. All in all it never really let us down, Since the end of November our 7480 has only been down for maybe a week in total, and we plan on doing our 11th loop of our system in the week to come. That’s nearly 6600km, which in itself is impressive. We would like to thank our team of operators and their helpers for making this possible, there were some long hours spent in that tractor and none of which have gone unappreciated. We would also like to thank the team at Little Morden Service for dropping what they were doing to keep us going. There were certainly a couple times where the weather was not ideal for climbing under a tractor. As well a special thanks to Mound Services for those track related service calls, and for the use of their shop for the overnight thaws.

PVSK will be going on their 21st year as a club. 21 years, wow what a milestone, some of the clubs original directors still sitting on the board. 21 years of hard fought volunteerism, that’s what community is all about. That’s what brings us together; it’s not just sitting around a board room table and discussing the next ride. PVSK has evolved from a small group of individuals sick of travelling in rough ditches to a full blown business. This is no longer just a “boys” club; we have had some female directors and still do. This is a family, and a proud family it is. We have our squabbles and disagreements but at the end of the day we can go home and be proud of what we have accomplished and still be friends. Thanks to all who made this season possible. This family would not be complete without our dozens of land owners. Sometimes they become forgotten as you pass through a winding trail or across an open field, but ultimately their our family too and they certainly require and deserve the appreciation and thanks of all snowmobilers. So we would just like to say on behalf of all snowmobilers THANKS!! Thanks for opening up your land and your livelihood to those of us who appreciate the great outdoors. Without you we would not exist, we can’t even begin to explain how much it means to us to be able to operate alongside you over these past years. Most of our land owner partners not even being riders themselves but still opening up their property for those to enjoy. Thanks for a fantastic season and many, many more to come.

This season has been a new beginning for the Snowkickers, not just the new equipment, but unveiling our new website which certainly has given ourselves a new sense of pride. Not only have we been able to connect with our riders and the general public in ways that were not possible before, but we have renewed what we had lost. That is a sense of independence. We will continue to strive towards getting back to our roots and remembering where we came from as we look forward into the future.

So with that we say again, THANKS to EVERYONE, and see you again in the fall.


Pembina Valley SnowKickers

November 26, 2012

PVSK Supporting Landowners

Throughout the past weeks the Pembina Valley Snowkickers have been getting comments from landowners about All Terrain Vehicle traffic on our trail system. This is not a new issue as the club has fielded calls and comments from landowners over the years.

Snoman as well as PVSK has maintained the position that once trails are closed for the season they are turned back to the landowners without leaving a track. ATV’s have become a large and growing sport in North America as well as the Pembina Valley. With our winters becoming seemingly milder some enthusiasts have moved to ATV’s. Everyone must remember that the trail system which is easily accessible through the summer months is no longer covered by liability insurance once posted as closed.

These trails now become private property, through the winter riding months the 10ft of trail as well as a 10ft buffer surrounding the trails is the only place on these properties covered by the liability insurance. Once off the trail you are Trespassing. ATV’s operating on closed trail systems do fall under the same rules as trespassing on private property. Trespassing is handled by the landowner and it is the position of the board of directors of PVSK as well as Snoman that trespassing on private land in the off season be handled by whatever legal means the landowner feels is required. Trespassing can lead to fines as well as jail time in certain circumstances. ATV’s can be very harsh on land that is classified as fragile such as river beds, side hills, sloughs etc. These areas must be treated with respect and caution even if one has permission. Treat property like it was your own, remember that PVSK as well as all other snowmobile clubs have asked permission to be on private property in the winter riding months. Asking permission to use this property in the off season is the responsibility of anyone interested in accessing private property. Remember this is PRIVATE not public property and it needs to be treated as such. We need to work alongside our landowners and respect their properties whether it is during the riding season or not. Our landowners are greatly appreciated by the club and its members and we hope for a long and lasting relationship.

On Tuesday December 4th the Pembina Valley Snowkickers will be holding their annual general meeting of directors and members at 8:00PM in the basement of the Manitou Opera House (Kinsmen Room). The topic above will be discussed as well as many others. We encourage any and all members and public to join us with their comments and feedback. Our board of directors works very hard to give riders a safe and enjoyable experience, as well as a positive experience for our landowner counterparts. This meeting is a very good opportunity to sit in and be a part of the discussion with the board of directors. Hope to see you there.