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Becoming a member of the Pembina Valley Snowkickers is very simple. Just print out the form on the lottery page and phone, email, or mail it to us with your payment of $25.00.

In the spring of 2012 PVSK along with Snoman and all other clubs in Manitoba got together to offer membership benefits. PVSK sets the fee they charge to members and ALL FUNDS collected for memberships STAY with the Pembina Valley Snowkicker organization. NO funds are forwarded to Snoman, the Snoman affiliated clubs as a group, have created the membership benefits for all snowmobilers so they not only are supporting their local clubs but are benefitting from a group package that could not be offered under the umbrella of one club. Money collected from membership sales is used by PVSK to support the trail system in the Pembina Valley, either through fuel, repairs, signage and many other day to day costs of running a groomed trail. Becoming a PVSK member also makes you an automatic member of Snoman with no additional costs. If it wasn't for our members the club would have a very hard time maintaining our presence in the Pembina Valley. PVSK needs the support of our members to continue to be viable and to ensure that trail riding in the Pembina Valley is here to stay. Ride with many other Pembina Valley Snowkicker members, and most of all RIDE WITH PRIDE!!

Membership Benefits

Snoman in conjunction with member clubs will be implementing a new membership program beginning in the 2012 -2013 season. When you purchase a club membership you will automatically become a member of Snoman, this membership will entitle you to a number of benefits, just for belonging to the organization. We are a growing organization and we want to recruit and welcome new members to be part of our family.

20% of participating hotels by booking online at

Members of Canadian Council Snowmobile Organization (CCSO) receive discounts, see for more details

Special prices on Haber Visions sunglasses & goggles at

Four free issues of Sno Riders West Magazine

Volunteer recognition programs

Assistance for clubs

Online training programs

Up to 20% discount from Snoman Member Benefit Program, see below for more details